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International Cantus Music and Culture Festival & Choir Festival “Meet Mozart” Salzburg 2020

02 Jul 2020 – 05 Jul 2020, Salzburg

In 2020 the non-profit organization Chorus MM will arrange the 22nd edition of the International Cantus Music and Culture & Choir Festival “Meet Mozart”. The cultural and music event will be held at the Big Hall (Grosser Saal) at the Stiftung Mozarteum and is open to choirs of all categories as well as to folk dance groups with live music, orchestras and music groups of various genres (for example jazz bands, brass band music among others). The repertoire is free to choose, all music styles are permitted and there are no compulsory songs.

All festival participants will have the opportunity to share their love of music and to meet with other groups during the opening event, the Festival Concert and ecumenical mass service at the Salzburg CathedralThe revenues from the Festival Concert will be donated to a charitable foundation. During their stay the choirs have the opportunity for a half-day excursion to the province of Salzburg and the Lake District featuring original sites of the movie “The Sound of Music”.

For further information contact MC Musicultur Travel GmbH, Bonn, Germany: http://www.musicultur.com/en/our-choral-trips.html


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