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11 Nov 2020 – 15 Nov 2020, NAFPLIO, PELOPONNESE





ARTIVA Cultural Management & Advertising under the support of the MUNICIPALITY of NAFPLIO and D.O.P.P.A.T is pleased to announce the launch of the 7thINTERNATIONAL CHOIR FESTIVAL that will take place in Nafplio on 11th -15th November 2020.   The festival includes both singing competitions and festivals. Nafplio, the first capital of Greece, a city of historical and cultural heritage has always held a prominent position in culture and by extension in tourism. Again this year, in November, Nafplio will honour renowned choirs from Greece and abroad, giving the public the opportunity to enjoy melodies and listen to voices from beyond the borders of Greece. Through this diverse range of festival choirs, everyone who attends will experience different cultures, meet a multi-cultural group of people and join their voice in singing melodies from all over the world; and what’s more, one will be able to rejoice the enchanting, historic town of Nafplion, built between the medieval castles of Palamidi and Akronafplia, opposite the historic Bourtzi fortress, take a romantic walk by the sea and explore the narrow, paved streets of the Old Town.


During the festival, choir concerts will take place in Vouleftiko (1st Hellenic Parliament). It is located in the center of the old town of Nafplio, in the historic Syntagmatos Square.











In the competition, all non-professional choirs from Greece and abroad have the right to participate and depending on the composition of their members they are classified into different categories.




1stCATEGORYMixed choirs – at least twenty four (24) chorists.


Singing time should be at least 10 minutes and must not be longer than 20 minutes.


2nd CATEGORYVocal ensembles/chamber choirs, mixed, male or female – at least eight (8) chorists, maximum (20) chorists.


Singing time should be at least 10 minutes and must not be longer than 20 minutes.



3rdCATEGORYEqual voices/Male Choirs, Female Choirs – at least twenty-four (24) chorists.


Singing time should be at least 10 minutes and must not be longer than 20 minutes.

4th CATEGORYYouth choirs mixed or equal voices (male-female) – at least twenty five (25) chorists and up to twenty-five (25) years old.


Singing time should be at least 10 minutes and must not be longer than 20 minutes.


5thCATEGORYSacred Choral Music – a cappella

Mixed Choirs, Equal voices/Male Choirs, Female Choirs


Singing time should be at least 10 minutes and must not be longer than 20 minutes.

In all categories one instrument is allowed (microphones or any other electronic equipment are not permitted)

The competing group has the obligation to propose 4 musical texts with features included in one of the 2 categories listed below:
1. Each musical text represents a different era (4 different seasons)
2. Each musical text represents a different musical style (e.g, jazz, gospel, classical, folklore, religious, spiritual, modern, etc.)
In order to avoid any doubt as to the regularity of the participation, the contestant may send to the organizing authority the titles of the musical texts he has chosen for his competitive presence in order to clarify the correctness of the selection.




The evaluation criteria for competing choirs are:

  • Technique on the rhythm and articulation
  • Intonation
  • Sound quality
  • Interpretation
  • Fidelity to musical style
  • Difficulty
  • Overall artistic Impression

A jury consisting of experts in choral music will evaluate the competitors according to their performance. The results of the jury will not accept disputes or challenges by any means or anybody.




According to the score, choirs will be awarded by the festival organizers with Golden, Silver and Bronze award depending on the results of the presentation of their program.

  • Gold metal will be awarded to choirs with score 90,00-100,00 points.
  • Silver metal will be awarded to choirs with score 80,00-89,99 points.
  • Bronze metal will be awarded to choirs with score 70,00-79,99 points.


In addition, choirs with a Golden Award and the highest score in each category will be awarded SPECIAL PRIZES:


The choir that will score the highest score in each category will receive a prize of

300.00 euros. The prerequisite is to win a gold medal.
The choir, which will collect the highest score of the competition festival and have won a gold medal (more than 90 points) will receive the first prize plus the prize money of 500.00 euros.






Α.         The choirs that can take part in the competition must be non- professional (their members are not allowed to earn money as professional singers).B.         The organizers have the right to split the choirs taking part in categories where age limits are listed (e.g youth – children ). The age limits may exceed by up to 10% those of the choristers in each choir.

  1. During the Festival, the participating choirs are not allowed to give further concerts or performances without the organizers’ prior approval.
  2. The choir members can’t participate in more than one choir in the same competition category. They are allowed to participate in a different category.

Ε.         Conductors are allowed to compete only with one choir in each category.

F.         Two (2) months before the opening of the Festival, choirs must send the musical pieces they will perform to the organizers. The scores of musical pieces should be legible, be written in pentagram and contain full details of the lyricist, composer. For each piece of music the choir should send five (5) copies. The compositions must be submitted to the organizing principle in their original form.  In case of a choir wishing to change the key from that the original form, it should inform the organizers one (1) month before the opening of the festival. The scores should be sent electronically by e-mail.G.         The choirs participating in the competition are allowed to participate in the festival at no additional cost according to the program being determined by the organizers. The artistic program of free participation may not exceed 20 minutes.

  1. To ensure the best possible conditions for the competition, choir members will not be able to attend the festival venue in times outside their appearance. Anyone wishing to attend the competition programme of the festival (except for the conductor and the controller of each choir participating in the festival) must pay an entry ticket of 8,00 euros on the particular day and hours e.g Saturday morning from 10.30 to 14.00 and Saturday afternoon from 16.00 until 19.00. The entrance or exit from the competition room during a choir’s competition performance, will be allowed only during the period between the end of a choir’s programme until the start of the next performance.










            General information



Choirs that participate in the competition should be in Nafplio on Wednesday, November 11that 18:00 pm. Once the reception of musical groups is completed, the organizers will gather the participants in a dedicated place for the festival opening ceremony. On Thursday 12th, Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November 2020 competition and festival will take place in the historical building which is located in Nafplio, Vouleftiko. On Sunday, November 15that 11.00am, competing choirs will attend a special awards ceremony and in the evening, the official closing ceremony will take place.



  1. FESTIVAL (no-competition)


The artistic program of the choir has free character and its duration is 20 minutes. The festival will take place at Vouleftiko.The Entrance is free. The choirs wishing to participate in free participation Festival should send the following documents up to and including October 15th 2020


  1. COMPLETED FORM (attached) to the address:


Cultural Management & Advertising

Asklipiou & Agapitou, 21100  Nafplion, GREECE

Tel. +30 6937305941 or send by e-mail to artivafestival@gmail.com


  1. RESUME and PHOTO of the CHOIR




  1. A REGISTRATION FEE (stated in the paragraph H(b) – participation fee festival-no competition) that is for participating in Nafplio – ARTIVA 7th International Choral Festival.

Kindly respect the deadlines above as this greatly facilitates the festival organisation and printing of timetables.




  1. Competition


Choirs along with their registration form must pay a registration fee of 200,00 euros.

Bank Details below:

Account holder: ARTIVA


Account Number

IBAN: GR5501104270000042747020503


Purpose: Full name of choir


In addition, until October 15th 2020 each chorister will have to pay the amount of 15,00 euros for his/her participation in the competition. This amount will be collected by the choir controller and will be paid in total to the organizers. For choirs wishing to participate to more than 1 category of competition, they will have to pay the amount of 15,00 euros per chorister for every additional category. In case of cancellations, the registration fee (200.00 euros) will not be refunded.



  1. Festival – No competition


Choirs along with their registration form must pay a registration fee of 300,00 euros.


Early Bird discounts  The choirs which will register before April 30th 2020, will receive a 50% discount of the cost of the choir’s registration fee. For choirs wishing to participate in the Competition the discount applies both for registration fee and the amount paid for each chorister.  The discounted registration fee must be paid by April 30th.



  2. Free tour of the old city of Nafplion: The old city of Nafplio, “Anapli” as known through its history, reflects all the modern state – political – social and military history of the New Greek state, and the years that preceded the medieval Byzantium until today. In the east and south one can see the imperious guards of the castle of Palamidi and Akronafplia, Nafplio stands on the edge of the Argolic gulf, facing the front of the harbor the Bourtzi castle, the town’s landmark and looks from the Psaromachalas (fishing area). The whole Argolic plain, an area with a history spanning thousands of years worshiped and praised by the ancient Greek poets. Nafplion boast its beauty, and is proud for its quaintness and charm. It is the first capital of the free Greek state. Every alley and memory! Every monument and history! Each history and legend! Each legend and endless imagination! Within Anapli, you live every moment from the past. The gate of the land, the Courthouse, home of Armanspergk (regent Otto), the first Greek High School, the first pharmacy, the church of Ag. Spyridon where the first governor of Greece Ioannis Kapodistrias was murdered, the first school of Cadets (war Museum), the Kapodistrias barracks (Archaeological Museum), old mosques “Trianon” and “Parliament Building” (first Greek Parliament), the Folklore museum, many statues and monuments of Greek heroes and philhellenes are some of the highlights that make the history of Nafplio and the modern Greek state.
  3. A commemorative gift to all music groups participating
  4. Sweets, soft drinks and mineral water for members of music ensembles

The organizers recommend your participation in the party to be held on Saturday, November 14th (immediately after the end of the artistic program) where the choirs will have the opportunity to meet each other, dance and have fun. The entrance fee to the party is 15.00 euros and includes finger food and wine or soft drinks. The participation in the party is not obligatory.  K.            REGISTRATION FORM Entries for the competition and the festival can be sent to the organizers by October 15th, 2020.



  • The organizers reserve the exclusive right to radio and television broadcasting and for any recording, filming, photographing, without any compensation to participants (musicians, conductors, institutions). In addition, no member of the musical ensembles or their representatives may seek compensation. Organizers reserve the right to use the audio-visual material and all kinds of material resulting from the artistic and general presence of the Festival for promotional purposes.
  • During the Festival, there will always be a representative from ARTIVA to help if any need arises.
  • The final itinerary of the festival will be formed according to the level of participation in each of the festival’s categories.







Travel costs and accommodation in Nafplio is the sole responsibility of the choirs and other guests. For the choirs participating in the competition, an accommodation package of four (4) nights minimum is obligatory. The accommodation will be exclusively booked through ARTIVA in selected hotels with special discounted prices for the choirs participating in the festival. The final attendance list (members and accompanying persons) must be sent to the hotel and ARTIVA. The conductors of musical groups will not be charged for their stay.

As a participant of the Festival, you are entitled to a range of special deals for your accommodation that include bed & breakfast plus dinner in carefully selected local hotels.



45 euro per person in double room (DLB)

40 euro per person in triple room (TPL)

65 euro per person in single room (SGL)



55 euro per person in double room (DLB)

50 euro per person in triple room (TPL)

75 euro per person in single room (SGL)



65 euro per person in double room (DLB)

60 euro per person in triple room (TPL)

85 euro per person in single room (SGL)






Transportation costs – Excursions


All travel expenses and transportations regarding musical ensembles are the sole responsibility of the choirs and additional persons. ARTIVA is able to offer a complete transportation package – tours to religious, historical, archaeological sites and to organize any excursion – activity you have    chosen.


Nafplio is located in the eastern part of the Peloponnese, 150 km. from Athens and 170 km. from Athens International Airport.


The organizers recommend:

Music groups who will arrive by air, a transport package which includes private coach from Athens airport to Nafplio (and return) is 860,00 euros.

Also during your stay in Nafplio, there are special packages for visiting archaeological sites, historical monuments, religious places of worship, or any other kind of trip a choir may wish to go to. These packages include transportation and sightseeing.


  1. For the archaeological sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus (includes guided tour) – 450,00euros
  2. Ancient Olympia in West Peloponnese (includes guided tour) – 800,00 euros
  3. For Diros Caves in South Peloponnese (includes guided tour) – 900,00 euros
  4. For the historic center of Athens (Acropolis, New Acropolis Museum –guided tour included)- 650,00euros


The above prices don’t include the entrance ticket for the archaeological sights.
Selected restaurants and tavernas during sightseeing tours will be proposed by the organizers.  The cost for dining must be paid by the music groups.  Also for any other excursion, organizers can propose packages accordingly.


Nafplio is famous for its small tavernas and restaurants located in the old town.
The choirs will have a choice between a great variety of tasty Greek and foreign cuisine options.  If, however, a choir wishes to opt for a specific dining venue, organizers are willing to fulfill it prior to necessary arrangements.


For more information please contact ARTIVA +3(0)6937305941,

E-mail: artivafestival@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/artivafestival






11/11 – 20:00
15/11 – 21:00


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Activities offered in the event
Choir competition, Non-competitive choral Festival
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Mixed adult choirs, Male choirs, Female choirs, Childrens and youth Choirs
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