General Assembly 2019

15 – 17 November 2019 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

organised in collaboration with Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities – JSKD

Meet and network with representatives of choral organisations, festival organisers, with conductors and singers from all over Europe and be part of the European choral scene!

Debate the future orientation of the association during the Membership Day gathering to work on hot topics of the sector and provide a structured feedback to the General Assembly and the Board.

Themes of the Membership Day 2019:
• Peer-to-Peer session | Low-budget events
• Peer-to-peer session | How to encourage members to attend ECA-EC events
• Brainstorming group | Ideas for the campaign on the benefits of singing 2021
• Environment – How can we deal with environmental issues in future?
• Brainstorming group | Reflection on the future strategy
• Brainstorming group | Future of choral festivals and competitions

Present and exchange on your projects during the “project presentation” sessions.

Participate during the General Assembly discussing and approving the activity and financial report of the last years, the budget and strategy for the coming years, the work of the team and the board in 2019, asking questions and interacting with the Board.

Join the Capacity Building Workshop “How to tell your stories” where we will explore together the importance of storytelling, an art form as old as time that has a place in every culture and society. Stories are a universal language that everyone — regardless of dialect, hometown, or heritage — can understand. Stories stimulate imagination and passion and create a sense of community among listeners and tellers alike.

Discover Ljubljana as host town of the festival EUROPA CANTAT 2021!

Deadline: 30 September 2019


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