Regional Development

Singing can be a great unifier by bringing people together and demonstrating our shared humanity. One of the objectives of the European Choral Association for the period 2022-20024 is therefore to connect with countries and regions with which the European Choral Association has lost touch, has little or no contact, less knowledge of their choral or collective singing landscape and/or for which no data on collective singing is available in the Singing Europe study (Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe).

Our wish is that cooperation between the European Choral Association and target countries would enable intercultural exchange, knowledge sharing, networking and will bring mutual benefits.

Do you want to reach out? Contact us here:

One of the objectives of the European Choral Association new regional development strategy is to reach out to target countries in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe through the so-called short-term Choral Connectors of the European Choral Association.

If you have plans to travel to the target countries of the Invitation in 2022-2024 to visit or work with organisations, choirs, individuals, etc., we invite you to apply for funding to cover (parts of) the costs of your trip (max up to 500 EUR).

The invitation is open until the funds are exhausted. However, If you are planning a trip in 2022 and would like co-funding, please send your application till September 30th, 2022.

Check the call HERE to learn more about funding conditions and other details.

The online application form is available on THIS PAGE