The project provides emerging musicians with invaluable skills and professional experience that complement their formal training, and can help them boost their career at the international level.

The vision of the EPIC project is to:

  • Prove the value and impact of auditioned youth music ensembles for the professionalisation and internationalisation of careers
  • Improve the training of emerging professional
  • Foster the creation of new ensembles across Europe
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EPIC will test and validate new approaches that could be eventually disseminated and implemented at a larger scale, to benefit the mobility of artists in Europe over a generation.

This project is supported by an action plan articulating five main lines:

  • A data collection, mapping the career path of former members of auditioned youth ensembles (orchestras and choirs)
  • An involvement of the EuroChoir and the World Youth Choir as laboratories for providing new skills through capacity building, active networking with stakeholders and with peers
  • The networking of existing and potential National Youth Choirs’ organisers, to exchange best practices and cooperation opportunities. We’ll set up specific ateliers gathering the singers themselves in an international context
  • Online capacity building sessions for emerging artists
  • Dissemination of the results along events gathering relevant stakeholders.

Collective music making is a powerful tool to bring people and nations together.

As Europeans, we have a duty to foster the circulation of the next generation of artists in a sustainable, systemic way.

The EPIC project is a first milestone along this promising path.


Activities planned




The project runs from 1 November 2019 to 31 December 2021.

You will find below a simplified timeline of the activities foreseen:

1 Nov. 19Official start of the project
Nov-19Project Meeting 1Slovenia
Nov. 2019 to Dec. 21Data Collection on the career paths of alumni of ensemblesEurope and beyond
April/May 20Online capacity building on professionalisationonline
24 Jul to 4 Aug 20EuroChoir session in IrelandIreland
30 Jul to 8 Aug 20BTHVN 2020: Rehearsal session and first Concert of the World Youth Choir and German Federal Youth Orchestra (Bundesjugendorchester).
Marketplace meeting with decision makers
Nov-20Project Meeting 2Ireland
Nov-20Round Table of National Youth ChoirsIreland
Nov-20Online capacity building on professionalisationonline
April/May 21JM Global ConferenceSpain
Jul-21EuroChoir in SwitzerlandSwitzerland
Jul-21EuroChoir in EUROPA CANTAT festivalSlovenia
Jul-21EUROPA CANTAT: Ateliers for the National Youth ChoirsSlovenia
Jul-21EUROPA CANTAT: Conductors and Composers ProgrammeSlovenia
Jul-21EUROPA CANTAT: Marketplace and presentation of first results of data collectionSlovenia
Jul-21EUROPA CANTAT: Round Table of National Youth ChoirsSlovenia
Jul-21EUROPA CANTAT: Project meeting 3Slovenia
Nov. 2021ConferenceLithuania
Autumn 21Publication of result of data collectionOnline
Autumn 21Survey of the participantsOnline
31 dec. 21End of project
2025Survey on the career development of the participants of the project