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The SWAN project (Singing with Additional Needs) draws on best practices from different European countries to include people with additional needs in collective singing. These additional needs may arise due to disabilities and/or physical or psychological health issues.

The project takes a holistic approach, taking into account the complexity and intersectionality of people’s additional needs and the diversity of skills and approaches needed to welcome everyone.

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The SWAN project aims to:

  • collect, scale and promote best practices in collective singing for people with additional needs
  • provide transnational opportunities for collective singing professionals to engage with the best practices of other countries
  • develop and make use of digital tools to support people with additional needs in participating
  • make knowledge internationally accessible

The SWAN project includes such activities as the development of digital tools and a best practices database, sharing research, experimentation with and evaluation of certain best practices, networking and knowledge-sharing through workshops, round-tables and conferences.

During the project, partners will develop:

  • computer scripts and e-book for singers with visual impairments
  • reports on research, experimentation and outcomes
  • guide for conductors leading a choir for cancer patients
  • recordings of project events
  • a database of best practices

The SWAN project expects to benefit hundreds of amateur and professional singers with additional needs, choral conductors/vocal leaders, and organisers of future initiatives. We also hope to benefit thousands more with the resources and outputs created in the frame of the project, increasing the quality of inclusion of people with additional needs in collective singing as well as in the quantity of opportunities.



Coordinated by Norsk Sangerforum (NO), the project brings together the following partners:

Sing Ireland will also cooperate with the Choral Culture Association (TR) for activities in Türkiye.

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