Cooperation Projects

Since 1996, we have coordinated a number of European cooperation projects, funded by different EU programmes, and have been an (associate) partner in further projects coordinated by others.

As coordinator:

Sing Me In








Voice Project




VOICE – Vision On Innovation for Choral music in Europe

VOICE is a European project for the sustainable development and innovation of choral singing, a first-time major cooperation between choral operators, music educators and researchers. It is a joint effort of 15 coorganisers, spread over 11 countries.


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Upgrade – Connect – Reach out

Project for the development of the choral network over four years.


There are 37 million choral singers in Europe! How do we know? Because we spent two years counting! Read the whole study on

Sing Me In

Erasmus+ project to develop handbooks to use collective singing as a tool fro integration.


“Vision on Innovation for choral music in Europe”. An EU funded multi-annual project gathering 13 partners.

As partner:

Sing Outside The Box

How can collective singing get out of conventional choral venues and reach our to new audiences?


Training and Lifelong Learning for Music Professionals

Uniting Youth in Song

Aiming at increasing awareness for the importance of singing with children