Youth Choirs in Movement

International Children’s and Youth Choir Festival Bonn | 5th edition 26 – 30 June 2019 | Bonn, Germany In cooperation with Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend (AMJ) and a number of institutions and choirs in Bonn and the surrounding region.

  • Meeting of children’s and youth choirs from Bonn and the surrounding region, with guest choirs from other parts of Germany, Europe and the world.
  • Bilateral choir partnerships with accommodation of guest choirs in private families of local choirs (optional, guest choirs can also book accommodation)
  • 8 workshops (Ateliers) for different age groups and levels of difficulty with renowned conductors from Germany and other countries: 2 for mixed youth choirs, 2 for equal voice youth choirs, 2 for children choirs, 1 for boys choirs and one on “choral theatre” for children and youth choirs. All ateliers deal with the issue of singing and movement with 3 morning rehearsals to prepare the final concert. The ateliers are conducted by: Alessandro Cadario (IT), Ken Wakia (Kenia), Friederike Stahmer (DE), Silvère van Lieshout (NL), Irina Brochin & Karina Schwarz (RUS/DE), Hans Joachim Lustig (DE), Basilio Astulez (ES). Overview on Ateliers
  • About 10 concerts: Opening Concert, concert with all participating choirs, final concerts with results of the workshops, choir-to-choir concerts in different places in Bonn and the surrounding region
  • Open Singing with all singers and the audience
  • Open-Air performances in the city centre of Bonn
  • Possibilities for conductors to attend rehearsals as learning opportunity
  • For conductors: Workshop on “stage presence” / Presentation of the project Sing Me In with handbooks for the use of collective singing as a tool for the integration process of young migrants (

Deadline for applications: 15/1/2019

For further information please contact: | +49 228 91 25 663