Conference “Sing Outside the Box”

Parallel sessions and interactive (singing) workshops dealing with new approaches to collective singing, with a focus on relation to rehearsal and performance spaces:

Make your singers co-creators! | Dóra Halas

In a traditional choral approach, singers are sometimes reduced to being passive instruments of the conductor, who is in charge of all the artistic decisions. There are however other ways that empower the members of the collective at different stages and levels of the creative process. How is this at all possible even with larger groups, what results can it yield in your work, what are the joys and pitfalls of this approach? Based on her experience, Dóra Halas presented how the involvement of your singers can turn into a lively and productive adventure.


Sonic choir for non-singers | Greg Gilg

Can everybody sing? Of course they can! Gather a random group of non-singers in a random place. Now, how do you deal with the situation? Complain about the poor acoustics, their lack of musical expertise and of time available? Or decide that this is a unique chance to create, with your singers, something unique and relevant to them, the location and the audience? Greg Gilg shared his stories of building new sonic, scenic and social experiences with and for participants.

Cellist, singer, composer, conductor, Greg Gilg has travelled many musical fields, from rock to jazz, dance and theatre. One foot in popular music, the other in experimental forms, he focuses since 2015 on collective singing projects. He is a member of Guy Reibel’s Centre Européen du Jeu Vocal, associated artist at the Apejs in Chambery, France and conductor of choirs like “Oh!” or the “Grand Larsen”


Add some spice, break the ice! ECA-EC Youth Committee

Singing is always fun! Singing brings people together! Sing and you will make new friends! But getting to know people can be difficult in a traditional choir setting. The Youth Committee of ECA shared and discussed some activities that can help break the ice. Even if singers know each other really well already, these games can add some spice to the atmosphere. They have participated in a lot of choirs and tried many games over the past few years. After testing them additionally at the Europa Cantat festival in Tallinn, at the EuroChoir and at YEMP this year they have selected a carefully curated selection of successful methods, games and group-building activities that work with singers of all ages. This atelier can make a difference in a concert or rehearsal.


Classical Music Scene in Turkey Cemi’i Can Deliorman

An insight on the envolvente classical western music in Turkey since the foundation of the republic. The strong tradition of classical music in Turkey dates back to the Ottoman Empire and to the milestones that happened throughout centuries in these lands. The conductor of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, Cemi´i Can Deliorman, summaries the journey of Turkish classical music.

Traditional Singing Techniques of Anatolia | Ömer Faruk Belviranlı

How the famous micro tonal singing techniques unfold in Turkish classical music? Led by the mystic music expert Ömer Faruk Belviranlı and accompanied by a western conductor Cemi’i Can Deliorman, the session focused on bridging traditional musical values of Turkish music for the European ears and minds.

Belviranlı is an acclaimed religious music singer in Turkey. He is an expert on mystic singing techniques and he has been serving as the director of the Konya Religious Music Ensemble since 2003. Belviranlı is also the vice-director in Ministry of Culture Fine Arts Directorate.