In this page, you will find comprehensive insights gathered from our extensive surveys conducted across the choral community in Europe. These surveys, essential to shaping the future of choral events and understanding the impacts of significant global events on the choral sector, reflect the voices and experiences of choirs and choral enthusiasts.

Explore the results to understand more about the European choral landscape!


Survey for Choirs: Shaping the Future of Choral Events

In first part of 2024 the European Choral Association conducted a comprehensive survey to gather input from choirs across Europe regarding their preferences for future choral events and festivals. The insights gained from this survey will assist the European Choral Associaton board, youth committee, and team in designing future events that meet the needs and desires of the choral community.

You can view the full survey results HERE or the summary of the result HERE.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Choral Sector

With the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 our lives have drastically changed. We recognize that in the choral field many are strongly affected by the consequences of the measures our governments and local authorities have taken in order to slow down the spread of the virus and the bad image that collective singing has received in the press.
It is important for us, as a European network, to have our ears “in the field” and hear from all of you involved in collective singing/choral music what impact the COVID-19 outbreak is having world-wide. While the detail of the impacts may vary in some ways from person to person, for the majority of you the impact of COVID-19 on your choral life has been substantial.

You can read the survey result HERE