19 – 21 November 2021 | Lyon (FR)

organised in collaboration with À Cœur Joie France

Our Membership Weekend 2021 was a special one after one and a half years of pandemic. Even though infection numbers were rising everywhere in November 2021, our members and friends were very happy to meet in person after this long break, and luckily nowbody got infected during the event.
Almost 100 participants from 23 countries met in Lyon to discuss the future of the association, network with each other, develop new ideas, learn about the results of EU-funded projects and elect a new board for the coming 3 years. They also enjoyed concerts and performances by excellent choirs from Lyon and sang together in the piano bar in the late evenings after the intense programme of the day.
  •  Membership Day Discussion Groups

On Friday morning the members met in parallel groups to learn about old and new projects, get inspired, and add their opinion and their ideas.
On the one hand the membership day focused on the results of the SHIFT project  (coordinated by the European Music Council and co-funded by the EU Creative Europe programme – the European Choral Association was a partner), also using methods that had been introduced to the team during a SHIFT training session. On the other hand the team presented parts of the new IGNITE project  which is based on and inspired by the SHIFT results and also includes the new Regional Development Strategy. There was also a free discussion round where members could express their wishes for the future.

  • Membership Day networking session and EPIC Conference on Enhancing the Careers of Emerging Singers

On Friday afternoon the participants had time to chat, catch up with each other and meet new people. This dedicated networking time was highly appreciated and will also be planned at future membership weekends.
In addition they were presented with the preliminary results of the EPIC project
 (coordinated by the European Choral Association and co-funded by the EU Creative Europe Programme). The presentation included the data report on the careers of emerging musicians which can be downloaded -> here.

  •  General Assembly with elections

On Saturday morning, after approving the reports and finances, the membership elected a new board (see press release -> here) and thanked outgoing president Carlo Pavese, all outgoing board members as well as the outgoing youth committee for their great work.

  •   Meeting of Friends

In preparation of the important changes in the Friends association there was a short meeting of all those interested in joining the Friends in 2022.
If you have not joined yourself, yet, find all the information and the registration forms -> here.

  • Discovering Lyon and concerts

On Saturday afternoon the participants had time to discover the beauty of Old Lyon.
On Friday and Saturday A Coeur Joie presented performances and concerts with:
– La Cigale de Lyon
– Cassiopée
– The conducting Masterclass of the Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse and Spirito



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