First, tell us shortly:

Who you are

I’m Loti Piris Niño. I was born in Spain, yet I have lived in Belgium for more than 30 years.
Since March 2013, I am a member of the Board of the FCWB “A Coeur Joie”. In this function, I have contributed to improving the projects and other activities of the federation such as the creation of the National Youth Choir of Belgium, BEvocaL in 2016. Since 2015, the general assembly gave me its trust by electing me as a board member of ECA-EC, an opportunity I am embracing filled with enthusiasm and passion, having the chance to be part of a very dynamic and inspiring team.

When did you first come in contact with choral music?

I’ve been singing since my early childhood, but it was when I arrived in Belgium that I joined the first choir. And for more than 30 years, I have been singing in a choir.

What does singing mean for you?

Singing together is an expression of life. Choral singing invites everyone to share their voice to create a unique instrument: the choir.  It connects the singers to each other without them having exchanged a word. It facilitates improbable encounters, the sharing of intense emotions, the creation of beauty through a common approach of listening, effort and exchange.

What is for you the best part of a concert?

The silence that follows the last note of the concert.

What is the greatest experience you’ve had inside the choral world?

Discovering singing as a way to connect people.

Can you remember participating in an activity of ECA-EC that especially marked you?

My first Europa Cantat festival in Vitoria.

What would you be if you would not be a musician?

Still a musician!

What do you sing under the shower?

The last song of the last rehearsal.

Thank you!


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