Photographers (amateur or professional), singers, choral music enthusiasts, passers-by or anyone keen on photography – attention!

Have your cameras or mobiles ready, search through your personal archives and go with the flow of your photographic instincts because we have a very special opportunity for you.

The Jakopič Promenade in Ljubljana’s Tivoli Park will host an exhibition of the choral world from 1 July to 1 August 2021, under the frame of the EUROPA CANTAT Festival.

The photo contest is international and open for anyone with an existing photo you would like to show to the world or anyone who feels inspired by the contest to create a new visually refined choral photo.

You can submit your photos under the following four categories:

  • Past/retro/vintage – travelling back in time. What did the beginnings, hairstyles or concert clothing look like?
  • On the stage – the colourful, wonderful, energetic performances
  • Backstage – where all the magic happens, right?
  • Promo – promotional photographs of choirs that go beyond the stage into the environment and other areas.

Check all the details on the EUROPA CANTAT Festival’s webpage!.