Not only as a singer do you want to have your voice heard, but you can learn to be a strong voice for the sector, telling compelling stories of how the arts (and choral singing in particular) transforms the lives of individuals and communities, contributing to wellbeing, cohesive societies and economic prosperity. 

The Advocacy through storytelling online workshop is the last in a series of workshops designed for the staff of choral organisations, in the frame of our network funding project ‘Upgrade – Connect – Reach-out’, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. We are following up on the previous workshop on ‘storytelling’ organised in the frame of ECA-EC’s Membership Weekend 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and go a step further this year, talking about how organisations can use storytelling as a powerful tool to support their advocacy work. 

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What can you expect to learn from this webinar?

How to build key relationships and alliances for sustainability and in order to influence decision-makers. How to maintain integrity in the world of political lobbying. How to identify your USP (unique selling point) as cultural actors and communicate key messages confidently using your authentic voice. Why telling stories about the power of the arts matters at all levels of decision making and which stories to tell, when, how and to whom.

All guided by the wonderful Julie Ward. She is a writer, theatre-maker, cultural activist and former MEP (2014-20). She was a member of the Culture and Education Committee, being voted Vice Chair in 2019. Julie was active in the parliament’s Intergroup for Creative Industries as well as co-founding the Child Rights Intergroup. She was also a committed member of the Lifelong Learning Platform and remains a strong advocate for informal learning and adult education. In 2017 she was named as a ‘stand-out MEP’ by Mental Health Europe. Prior to being elected Julie worked in the UK, Europe and across the world, using the arts as a tool for social change. She has recently been working for City of Sanctuary UK programming online arts activities for refugees and vulnerable people. She is involved with a range of civil society initiatives including Culture Declares Emergency, Another Europe Is Possible and Politics For The Many.