The European Choral Association is a member of the European and International Music Council (IMC) and subscribes to the Five Music Rights developed by them. The 5th right is the right for all musical artists “to obtain just recognition and fair remuneration for their work”. This right has often not fully been respected in the choral sector in the past.
The European Choral Association therefore decided to research what could be “fair pay” for choral conductors and vocal leaders working at international events, as conductors of auditioned international ensembles, as workshop leaders, masterclass leaders or lecturers, as well as for composers who are commissioned a choral work.
In this webinar, Martine Spenjers (NL) will present the recommendations that were formulated by the European Choral Association as a result of this work. Additionally, we will learn about the perspective of ACCT, the networking organisation for the Dutch cultural and creative sector. Its director Sjoerd Feitsma (NL) will share with us some insights about its works and commitment in tackling this issue and improving working conditions for the professionals in the sector. Finally, Côme Ferrand Cooper (FR) will share the experience of A Coeur Joie, the French Association for choral music, which is willing to apply our Fair Pay recommendations in the next edition of the international festival Choralies in 2025.
Martine Spanjers (NL) is the manager of ZIMIHC Maatwerk. She studied Art History in the city of Utrecht and worked as project leader, fundraiser and head of public affairs in museums of contemporary art. She is the vice-president and treasurer of the European Choral Association and member of its board since 2018.
Sjoerd Feitsma (NL) is the director of Platform ACCT, a national organisation in the Netherlands working to improve the economic and social position of the cultural and creative sector and cultural professionals. Feitsma also has experience leading cultural policy in a political role, having served as Deputy Mayor for culture and finances in the city of Leeuwarden du ring the period in which Leeuwarden had the title of European Capital of Culture.
Côme Ferrand Cooper (FR): After 15 years of professional activity in the pop/rock/jazz music business, managing events and concert venues, Côme was hired in 2012 by the European Choral Association to manage cooperation project. In 2019, he joined the french choral federation À Coeur Joie as executive director of the association and of the Choralies festival. He is currently a member of the board of the European Choral Association.
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This activity takes place in the frame of IGNITE, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU.