From 6-10 July 2025, Tallinn will host Leading Voices, an event of the European Choral Association organised in cooperation with the Estonian Choral Association and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Leading Voices is a kind of symposium which during five days will inspire and train choral conductors/vocal leaders, composers/arrangers, vocal coaches, music educators/teachers, professional singers and managers of all levels and generations.

It offers participants the possibility to actively explore, experience, and discuss the future of choral music through labs, lectures, workshops, lessons, and live concerts with inspiring choirs from around the world.

The event will open with the Estonian Song Celebration, featuring more than 20.000 people singing together on the traditional shell stage.

The main venue of the event will be the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn. The city, known for its vibrant musical and choral life, previously hosted the Europa Cantat festival in 2018 and is famous for its song celebrations held every five years. Notably, the XXVIII Song and XXI Dance Celebration entitled “Iseoma” will take place in Tallinn from 3-6 July 2025, just before Leading Voices begins.

The full programme, curated by an international Music Commission with renowned musicians appointed by the European Choral Association, will be announced in October 2024.

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