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2024 International Choral Composition Competition – CIRcondati di musica Association

22 May 2024 – 30 Sep 2024, Turin - Italy


2024 International Choral Composition Competition – CIRcondati di musica Association

The CIRcondati di musica Association (Turin – Italy) announces the first International Choral Composition Competition, an initiative aimed at promoting music among young people, in memory of Don Carlo Franco (1958-2023). The submission and reception phase for the compositions will definitively end on September 30, 2024, and the results will be communicated on January 28, 2025, after notifying the email address provided by the candidate during registration. The competition includes the following registration and participation guidelines:

Registration Guidelines

– Participants: from any country;
– Age range: between 18 and 30 years old at the time of registration;
– Enrollment in a conservatory or high-level music institution in 2024 (certification to be attached to the registration application);
– Ensemble: a cappella choir, with divisi up to SSAATTBB;
– Performance level: candidates are required to submit a composition that does not exceed the performance level of a skilled amateur group;
– Duration: the composition should be between 3’00” and 6’00” long;
– Text: the compositions should use texts related to the theme of the joy of living. Original, public domain, or copyrighted texts accompanied by the necessary authorization letter from the author can be used;
– Each composer must submit only one composition;
– The submitted works may have been performed publicly before, but must be unpublished;
– Electronic backing tracks are not allowed;
– Scores, required documents (ID, enrollment confirmation from a high-level music institution), and any virtual or real audio tracks must be submitted through registration on the association’s website (creating a new user profile);
– Scores must include the candidate’s full name;
– Compositions should be presented in PDF format and written using music notation software. Handwritten documents are not accepted;
– PDF files and any audio tracks should be named as follows: Name_Surname_Title.pdf and Name_Surname_Title.mp3;
– A registration fee of €15.00 is required, to be paid by bank transfer to IBAN IT76R0307502200CC8501056601 (B.I.C . BGENIT2T), or via PayPal at info@cirdm.it (the registration fee is non-refundable);
– Proof of payment must be attached to the application.

Prizes and Jury

– The first 3 winners will receive awards, and an additional special mention may be given. The prizes will be awarded as follows:
o 1st place – €350.00 cash prize (net of taxes), publication of the composition, and the delivery of a diploma;
o 2nd place – €200.00 cash prize (net of taxes), publication of the composition, and the delivery of a diploma;
o 3rd place – €150.00 cash prize (net of taxes), publication of the composition, and the delivery of a diploma;
o Special Mention – delivery of a diploma;
– The jury reserves the right to award only some of the aforementioned prizes or none at all, if deemed necessary;
– The jury’s decision is final and cannot be appealed;
– Jury members: Carlo Maria Barracano, Paolo Coggiola, Alessandro Ruo Rui.

Please note:

– The competition is announced on May 20, 2024, and the deadline for registration and submission of compositions is set for September 30, 2024.
– To apply, candidates must register on the website www.CIRdm.it by creating an account and filling out the competition form.
– Winning candidates will later be asked to submit a photograph and a discursive curriculum vitae, not exceeding 300 characters (including spaces).
– The winners of the competition will be announced on the CIRcondati di musica Association’s website (www.CIRdm.it), and the publication will be communicated via email to the address provided by the candidate during registration.

In addition to publication with the Preludio publishing house (MI), the association will be interested in promoting live performances of the winning compositions. By submitting the compositions, candidates authorize the scores to be performed in one or more public concerts.

For additional information, please consult the association’s website at www.CIRdm.it or contact the secretary via email at info@cirdm.it.


22/05 – 06:00
30/09 – 15:00


Associazione CIRcondati di musica


Turin - Italy
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