Do you know what Ecocide is? It is the mass damage and destruction of ecosystems which leads to a loss of biodiversity. With the help of Ecocide Law, it would be recognized as an international crime (read more about this on
Merzi Rajala, Kirsi Kaunismäki-Suhonen and Peder Karlsson created the project “Choirs for Ecocide Law” as a tool for choirs that want to raise awareness for the need of such a law with the help of a curated concert programme.
Choirs for Ecocide Law provides a sixty minute concert program, “Let us change the rules!”, ready to be rehearsed and performed by any choir (or group of choirs) interested – for free. The scores package includes music made by composers from different cultures (who offered this music to the project for free), along with guidelines for an interactive rehearsal process.
The European Choral Association is promoting this project as part of the IGNITE project since it is an example of how choirs can use their performances to raise awareness for environmental sustainability.
The Website has now been launched! You can register and look at all the scores and a lot of additional material and thus start planning your concert. The team of Choirs for Ecocide Law is currently on holidays and will be happy to answer your questions from August 2023 under
WHEN: Wednesday 20 September 2023, 17.00 CEST, Online
WHO CAN ATTEND: Everyone can attend. Participation is free.
HOW TO REGISTER: Register here:
🎙️Kirsi Kaunismäki-Suhonen – Project executive Choir conductor, musician, arranger, principal, music teacher, Integrative Coach
🎙️Merzi Rajala – Artistic director Choir conductor, musician, arranger, Global Music lecturer at Sibelius Academy, Finland
🎙️Peder Karlsson – Project executive Singer, composer, arranger, Ecocide Law educator, founding member of The Real Group, honorary professor at Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, Denmark
Save the date on September 20th 2023 at 17h CEST and register now for the “Choirs for Ecocide Law” webinar and be part of the movement for change.