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Singing Bridges Festival

21 Jul 2024 – 28 Jul 2024, Novi Sad

After the first Singing Bridges Festival in Novi Sad in 2022, the Serbian Choral Association is organizing another edition in 2024, this time under the label of the European Choral Association.

In a town on the crossroads between East and West, North and South, a town that settled a few centuries ago on the river Danube – a large and long river and natural border between Central-Europe and the Balkans, a town with a long and rich heritage of collective singing, we build the Singing bridges – between music epochs and styles, genres and approaches, between generations, between professionals and music amateurs, a concert podium and
the audience. Everyone can find their place here: those who come prepared for high level of musicianship but also people without knowledge of music that can participate in collective choral experience.

You will join other choirs and singers in ateliers with world-class conductors and work together towards the final concert. The ateliers all have specific themes and are for different age groups, with varying levels of difficulty and duration (3 to 6 days). Other activities include Open Singing, Choir-to-choir concerts, Study tour for conductors, Programme for composers, Programme for young managers, as well as non-choral activities.

The festival will offer limited accommodation in students’ campus and hostels, or you can book a hotel for your group.

Start of registrations: 9/01/2024
Deadline for applications: 9/04/2024
Contact: festival@cxa.rs
Further information on: www.Cxa.rs




Novi Sad
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