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Study Tour to Georgia

14 Sep 2024 – 20 Sep 2024, Tbilisi

Discover two choral traditions at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Join us and discover the wonderful heritage of countries that are somewhat remote and therefore all the more remarkable in their heritage of choral traditions. Through exchanges with choirs, composers, workshops and concerts, you will enrich your knowledge, your repertoire
and your personal treasury of experiences. We have designed the study tour as a modular system where you can choose between three possibilities and either visit one or both countries.

For choir conductors, musicians or music events organisers, Georgia is a must! The country, renown as the “Balcony of Europe”, is the living cradle of an unique polyphony, originated in the 12th century and declared an intangible world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2001. To this day, singing is equal to speaking and has existential importance for the Georgians – “Like air to breath”. The polyphony varies from village to village, region to region and reflects the variety of languages, landscapes, climate zones and realities of life of the natives living between Europe and Asia. Hard to explain how such a small country managed to preserve its own culture, its own music, language and writing. The latter two are not easy for non-Georgians to learn, but the singing, national dancing, embedded in hospitality, delicious cuisine and wine deeply touches the hearts of the visitors. Georgian singing and dancing are Georgia’s most successful ambassadors!

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